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World Fish Migration Day 2016



Are you working on rivers, water and migratory fish and looking to enhance public awareness? Are you concerned about the health of our rivers?

Then download the final report on the activities of World Fish Migration Day 2016. This international event called attention to the need to restore the connections in rivers for migratory fish, to achieve healthy fish stocks and productive rivers.

Also check this video by Zeb Hogan, FFSG Steering Committee member and National Geographic explorer, inviting you to participate in World Fish Migration Day 2016.

And check the Swimways of the World poster that was launched on World Fish Migration Day 2016.

Migratory fish (like salmon, trout, shad, lamprey, giant catfish, sturgeon and eel) are threatened by barriers such as weirs, dams and sluices; built for water management, hydropower and land drainage. Around the world millions of people rely on these fishes as their primary source of protein and for their livelihoods. Water and resource managers, and conservationists are striving to improve migration routes between and within rivers, deltas and the oceans. These ‘fishways’ are vital for their survival.

World Fish Migration Day is held to improve the public’s understanding of the importance of migratory fish and their needs, as well as healthy rivers. Raising awareness, sharing ideas, securing commitments and building communities around river basins are essential aspects of fish passage and river restoration. On this day, we will connect celebrations and events that start in New Zealand, and follow the sun; ending as the sun sets on the west coast of North America. In may 2016, 450 events were connected worldwide.